Teacher Survey Questions
  • How would you rate your students' experiences using PowerPoint?
  • How would you rate your students' motivation towards using PowerPoint?
  • How did your students respond to using the Web 2.0 tools?
  • How would you rate your students active engagement while using the Web 2.0 tools?
Teacher Interview Questions
  • What type of response do get from students when they are asked to create PowerPoint presentation?
  • What tool do you prefer your students use and why?
Student Survey Questions
Perhaps we should develop 2 or 3 questions in each of these 6 areas for our student survey:
efficacy (can I do it?)
  • Rate your confidence to complete the task with the required tools.
context (will I be permitted to do it?)
  • Rate how you feel about how the time, tools, and assistance that you had to complete this project in a satisfactory manner. (?)
mood (how do I feel about it?)
  • Rate you anticipation of the task.
  • Rate your enjoyment of the task.
utility (is the outcome beneficial to me?)
  • Did completing this assignment benefit you?
interest (the task has intrinsic value?)
  • Rate your interest in presentation tools.
importance (will this task make me more effective or more impressive to others?)
  • Rate the effectiveness of the assigned tool.
Student Interview Questions