From article, the steps we need to follow are:

1. Select a topic: Technology tools that increase student motivation.

2. Identify the research problem: What Web 2.0 tools are available that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and how do these tools impact student motivation compared to Microsoftw PowerPoint?

3. Conduct a literature search

4. State the research questions
Will students still have the same interest in using Web 2.0 tools if they are incorporated into the classroom?

If teachers choose the Web 2.0 tool for the student, will this lessen their interest and motivation?

Will they use the tools to learn the content that the teacher wants them to learn? Or will they resort to socializing, as they do outside of school?

How can using Web 2.0 tools be regulated so learning does occur, but does not lessen student motivation?

Does blurring the line between student and teacher, the Web 2.0 tools often do, increase student motivation?

Does student enjoyment lead to motivation?

Does student preference in how they want to tackle an assignment lead to a more motivated student?
I like this one, too. Does giving students a choice of tools to pick from increase motivation? - Jeff

Do these ideas produce better work or do student prefer collaborative assignments because it makes their individual work easier?

Do these produce more motivated students or students that want an easy way out?

Are happy learners productive, successful learners? (probably too focused on motivation for our study)

What do we need to know about learners so that we can create more meaningful learning experiences with Web 2.0 Tools?

Does instructional presentation via a zooming interface tool (e.g. Prezi) result in greater student motivation than via a standard presentation tool (e.g. PowerPoint)?

Will substituting a Web 2.0 tool for a PowerPoint presentation yield higher student motivation?
I like this one. Same assignment to several groups of students using different tools - how does that affect motivation? - Jeff
I like that one too, it goes back to my question this morning, if students choose an alternative to a PowerPoint and enjoy it, they have to be more motivated. By assigning groups different tools to use the groups that hate the tool they are using are going to be far less motivated. - Robbie
All for one, one for all. This question is also my first choice. Besides being a good research study question, it is great for differentiated instruction. It shouldn't matter what tool a person uses to show mastery.--Cindy
PS. Jen, I may have messed up the question below. I accidentally highlighted it but turned the text black. I don't remember what color it was so please change it if I messed it up. Cindy

Does incorporating technology, such as Web 2.0 tools, impact student motivation?

Is student motivation impacted by how material is presented and/or taught?

How much influence does the teacher have on student motivation?

Final Research Questions:

Does the student use of PowerPoint presentations motivate students to learn and perform?
Can Wikis be used as an alternative to PowerPoint?
Can Prezi be used as an alternative to PowerPoint?
Will substituting a Web 2.0 tool for a PowerPoint presentation yield higher student academic performance?
Will substituting a Web 2.0 tool for a PowerPoint presentation yield higher student motivation?

5. Determine the research design

6. Determine the methods

7. Identify data analysis procedure